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After 119 Auu’s

78 Uguu’s

And a half dozen sad story arcs my time with Kanon has come to a close. I came up with an idea to watch shows that my friends love each month of the year during 2016 and first off the list was Kanon 2006. A well known second anime adaptation of the Key visual novel of the same name minus the numbers. Often folks have told me that Kanon was in the same light as Clannad in terms of story telling and emotional appeal. Despite having obviously vastly different casts and actual stories the two shared a lot of the same type of appeal. Or at least this is what I’ve been told by many a person and have inferred from fans of both. So this begs the question, did I enjoy this series as much as Clannad or find them to be equally interesting in their own ways? Before I get too far into details my answer to that question is a resounding no. I don’t find the shows to share much in common and my overall opinions on  they vastly different. So, I suppose it is time I explain myself before fans scratch their heads at me.

I suppose I should start off by saying I am not calling out anyone for their tastes and respect those who do like Kanon, I’m just not someone who was enamored with the show. This does make me sound like I hate the show and this is not the case either. No, Kanon falls in a weird grey area for me. I neither love nor hate it, and I wouldn’t call it some average show that people should ignore. I feel like most people will actually get behind this series very strongly, especially if they already like other anime adaptations of Key’s work. Kanon, however, for me was a mixture of two things that really hampered the overall viewing experience for myself. One the show has some notable story aspects and structure that I usually am not a fan of, and two I unfortunately watched it at maybe one of the worst times possible. Let’s explore both of those individually.

      The Many Girls of Kanon 2006

Okay so what kind of story aspects didn’t vibe with me? Mostly the lack of explanation is what killed Kanon for me. There are many things in the majority of the respective arcs that just aren’t explained. Now while I am perfectly fine with the idea of suspension of disbelief in fictional writing it can only be stretched so far before it snaps. The series uses a large amount of supernatural elements in almost every arc that is rarely explained or vaguely constructed without delving into a true reason. Many people would argue this is magical realism and the people of the show just accept supernatural things as commonplace but on more than one account this is proven to be false. Most notably in Mai’s arc, the one with the largest amount of supernatural influence, the viewer is shown details that attribute to the idea that it is considered just as magical and uncommon as it would be in the real world. Many things are just boiled down to being called a miracle as the explanation behind the resolutions. If you are going to implement supernatural or mystical elements in your story you should at least do something to make it seem more workable and believable. Either make it commonplace or come up with an actual reason behind its use. It’s personally hard for me to support this type of story structure if it’s not backed up with enough details, but some people won’t mind regardless and will enjoy the dramatic storytelling that is the true star of the series.

The second reason Kanon didn’t sit well with me is more of a personal one so take with it what you will. The finale notably is what caused this big problem with me. I’m an optimistic realist, which means I tend to go in favor of positive thinking but will keep my hopes grounded because that’s the smart thing to do.  The final episode and the series really likes the idea of faith and believing in the possibility of miracles. Which is a beautiful message that many people will get very invested in and that will be the deal sealer for their love of Kanon 2006. There is a very sad but poetic quote by Shiori in the series that goes, “It’s called a miracle because it will never come true.” This is a heartbreaking and sad quote but one I actually agree with. Over the past year I’ve waited for a miracle to save two people I loved and it never came. I think believing in miracles is something that’s a dream and nothing more but for those who can, keep dreaming, it’s sweeter that way. This is the one thing that killed the show for me in the end because of my own personal grievances. I certainly hope anyone can understand my viewpoint on that, and if not oh well I tried.

Alright, enough pure negatives on the show! I may be in a more down mood but I can at least praise what I did find well done in the series. This would be mostly the cast. The cast is very likable overall and they all get their own periods of adequate development that aids in making them very easy to care about.

Best girl is best

Even when characters had unrealistic behavior and did things I found sort of off putting they always had a strong rebound in the arcs that completely made up for it. As silly as I think some things are like the use of the term “uguu” I still like Ayu as a character.  The cast is colorful, well developed, worth getting to know. Also on the praise train for being close to 10 years old this show looks very solid. Some early cg is present but that can’t be faulted, and if you compare it to shows of the time period I think most would agree it looks nice. The main musical theme was intertwined quite well too and made it’s impact when needed.  If I had to pick any one reason to jump into Kanon for a new comer I would say it would be for the cast though. It really is what pulls the show together at it’s finest moments. I don’t know how I feel about Maeda’s storytelling ability but he is a pretty good creator of memorable characters that will be hard to forget.

I do have other complaints of course but I don’t want to sound like some sort of critic. They are generally cynical assholes and Julian knows best to avoid their kind. If you want to know more about how I feel towards the series, I am always available for messaging through any social media I use. Right here and my Hummingbird are the most common place I would check however. If I had to sum up my experience it would be a disappointing but memorable journey. I had some hard times accepting the show and it came into my life at a poor time but I do not think it is a bad piece of work. If you like works like Clannad, Angel Beats, or Little Busters! I would say this show is perfect for you. I may not be an overall fan but I will give respect where it is due and I think this show has potential to be loved by many. Maybe it can be your little miracle.

Recommendations if you like Kanon or want a show similar in some regard.

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