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Hello my little wanderers, and welcome to my post about why these 25 characters(and then some) are so near and dear to my heart. These are the definite cream of the crop when it comes to which fictional entities I adore. As with my last top 25 list this one will have a few honorable mentions that just missed the cut. If you like this list, go ahead and give me a like or a share to help me out. It’s you guys who help make my posts seen, so any help is always greatly appreciated. Now without further ado let us commence the countdown of the anime characters I love the most!

Honorable Mentions!                                         

1. Fakir

Princess Tutu

A knight in not so shining armor. That is Fakir to his core. He is a man who is honorable without needing the recognition of others, to prove he is someone who fights to protect. I love Fakir for many reasons as a character, but it’s his incredible desire to never give up for the people he vowed his life to that I admire so much. His slow growth from overprotective friend, to main hero is a great one. His character ends up being the perfect metaphor for something I believe very deeply. The pen is mightier than the sword.

2. Izumi Shinichi

Parasyte: The Maxim

The human conundrum we all suffer is, our purpose on the little green planet. What if, one day you were thrust into a situation where everything you knew and thought was flipped on it’s head. The ecosystem takes a dire change, and you forcibly are made to do the same. Shinichi is just an average, awkward, and generally kind high-school boy. With the introduction of the parasite species though, his life is irrefutably altered, and he as a person must take great strides to find himself again. I’ve always enjoyed how he is an allegory for a human on a basic level, and what we can go through to evolve past our circumstances. Mix that with a great moral compass and kind heart and you have a winner.

3. Hana

Wolf Children

Parental figures are always characters I pay quite close attention to. They usually fill the role in a standard fashion in anime, but rarely are they one of the key members of a story. Hana from Wolf Children is a mother, and the film she leads is about her journey as one. My adoration for her stems from a basic enjoyment of strong developed parents. My end goal in life is to be just that, so for an anime film to show the different sides of parenthood is great. Wolf Children uses the wolf side of the kids to explore the ideas of how wild adolescence can be and more difficult to parent. Hana always plants her foot firm though and never gives up on loving and trying to embrace her children for who they really are.

4. Rider


The Fate series is one that is filled with action and despair. An all out fight between colossally powerful magically inclined warriors from all over the world and timeline. What makes the series shine is the champions who fight for the Holy Grail. Rider is hands down the one that stands out among the pack for me. Many of the warriors are all business, and no play. We learn a little about who they were before but they focus almost exclusively on winning the war. They don’t have any other quirks or desires that make them more interesting as people to care about. Rider however is utterly fascinated with modern Japan and the rest of the world and seeks to learn about the world he plans to conquer. He wears our clothes, watches our television, and picks up mannerisms as well. He is lively and brings so much fun to an otherwise bleak and dark world.

5. Ahiru

Princess Tutu

The knight may be one I love, but the princess of the story is equally worth bowing to. Ahiru is a duck turned into a girl who performs ballet to heal peoples distorted hearts. Think Pinocchio meets Swan Lake. Our little heroine is one of pure values who wants to just help others the best they can. Maybe roadblocks are present throughout her journey, and while hope is sometimes lost, she always fights on to assist others in need. Ahiru is an awkward and endearing girl(duck) who just wants to believe in a better life for everyone. And she never stops being Princess Tutu for that reason alone.

TOP 25 FAVORITE CHARACTERS                

25. Ginjiro

Oh! Edo Rocket

Alrighty, with the honorable mentions out of the way we can really dive into my cream of the crop. Ginjiro kicks off the list with a very subdued click. This locksmith turned Captain of a secret squadron, is a man trying to find his path. Formerly a revolutionary, times have slowed down and peace is coming to the closing end of the Edo period. Many people were key figures in the war of years past and it shaped who they were. With it out of the way, the are at a crossroads with where they belong. Ginjiro is just this kinda man. He is at odds with his literal self but always maintains a sense of justice and well meaning towards the world around him. I always enjoyed his seemingly laid back attitude as a facade for the man who is facing inner turmoil. He fights for others, and puts up a front that everything is okay. I suppose I like him so much because I relate to the behavior and understand where he is coming from. The legendary acts of Captain Bellybutton will not soon be forgotten.

24. Aomine Daiki

Kuroko No Basuke

A common story arc is the over powered antagonist who can’t be beaten until the main character comes along. Rarely though are we given insight on to how awful that experience could be for one’s psyche. Imagine loving something so much but because you are at such a higher plateau of skill than your fellow player, the enjoyment slowly drains away from it all. Aomine is that good at basketball, and we get to see first hand his massive attachment grow into a bitter struggle to even want to practice. The kid he once was, is someone inspiring and amazing to be around. Now it is gone. Until Kuroko and the rest of Seirin finally topple this behemoth in the best game of the entire series. Normally this would be the end of his arc, but in Kuroko no Basuke, Aomine doesn’t disappear into the foreground. No, he actually becomes one of the leading commentators on future games. Instead of WOW HOW THEY DO THAT nonsense, we get real insight on how the game is progressing from the best. He is slowly finding his passion once again, and I love every second of his emotional journey.

23. Nako Oshimizu

Hanasaku Iroha

I think some of the finest folks that populate this planet are the ones we don’t take enough notice of. Shy folks are normally at a disadvantage in the world of the social platform, so many write them off as being non-interesting or not trying hard enough. Which anyone who is shy or suffers from some form of social anxiety would know this is utter nonsensical bullshit. Nako is a young high school girl who works at an inn, goes to school, and more or less runs her entire household. She is very impressive if you take the time to appreciate how much effort she puts into her life. From the outsider’s point of view she would seem shy and rather secluded in nature, but this is why I love characters like her so much. Nako is shy yes, but she is kind, thoughtful, and very creative in problem solving. You can trust her due to her high reliability even when the going gets tough. She is the total package in many ways. She has beauty inside and out along with a very sharp wit. So remember this folks, if you see a person being shy, don’t assume they aren’t putting effort in. They may be noticing their surroundings in ways only they can just like our little Nako here.

22. Jet Black

Cowboy Bebop

I’ve always been a fan of the sage like characters. People like Iroh, Mr. Miyagi, and Jet in my eyes fall neatly into this category. Older men with experience, good and bad, that has shaped them into a careful thinking sage-like person. The advice they give is worth more than you measure, and they normally hold large significance to some young character or another. Jet actually doesn’t mentor anyone but I do think his influence on Spike is clear throughout Bebop. Jet is kinda like an old gramps or father figure on the ship, and he is always managing the best he can through the trials and tribulations of life with his prior knowledge. I suppose I enjoy his character so thoroughly because he brings something to the table most anime lacks. A wisecracking character who has plenty of age to make his quips honest despite the hilarity of their claim. I like to think of Jet as one of those people who is like that old building that has been there in this one town for the longest time. The city is starting to move on with the times and evolve yet that building remains steadfast with lots of personality to it. He is kind of like the Wrigley Field of anime. He can still be enjoyed by new and young, but his legacy and history are what make him so special.

21. Claire Stanfield


Now normally I’d say enjoying sociopaths in all their madness would be questionable. But Claire is just so damn charismatic! He looks like a leading man, and every scene he is in, the show is utterly stolen by him. It’s rare a character can be so insane and filled with desires of murder fueled by an unrelenting God Complex, yet so charming that you just can’t wait to see their next action. There must be a reason he is the most popular character from the entire series right? I don’t have a true profound answer from the question I just posed either. I really think it all boils down to how enigmatic he is every time he pops up on screen. Baccano! has a tendency to make even the crazies seem joyous in a way. Ladd Russo is equally out of his mind and brings so much flair to his psychotic behavior you think I would put him on here too. Alas though, Claire is actually a person you could see yourself talking to without complete fear for your life. Well as long as you don’t spark his curiosity by being immortal or anything like that. Then you are just asking for it.

20. Nausicaä

Nausicaä Valley of the Wind

Studio Ghibli creator Hayao Miyazaki is a pioneer to anime films becoming widespread and popular. One of his favorite narrative conventions is to use a female lead to anchor his movie. Most if not all of his main characters are strong, independent, and smart women. An approach to diversifying the droves of male leads with equally intriguing leading stars of the opposite sex. In terms of his original characters, Nausicaa is my favorite. She stands out for me with her incredible mixture of empathy and drive. She fights tooth and nail for what she stands for, but in her heart despises violence and would prefer a world of understanding. The dichotomy of humans and nature is often represented in Miyazaki’s work, and Nausicaa is at the apex of when he tells it best.

19. Kaguya

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Without a doubt one of my favorite things is a strong female personality. Kaguya is vivacious and lively throughout her film. The classic folktale brought to life, Kaguya is a princess born from the moon in a bamboo stalk. She starts in humble country roots, and soon becomes the prize of the kingdom as a fabled jewel. She isn’t really into all that mumbo jumbo, and would much prefer to run barefoot in a field with the wind at her back. I love that carefree and rampant desire to be free. Strong willed and lovable Kaguya is a gal I’d enjoy some rays with.

18. Yutaka Hoshino: Peco

Ping Pong the Animation

Quirk is a hard thing to do right in character building. Often, it makes the person come off as too queer or annoying to enjoy properly. The strange intricacies of some folks are incredibly challenging to present in an engaging manner. That connection isn’t so simple. Peco is the kind of kid who plays by the beat of his own drum. The world is his oyster and he doesn’t mind doing things his way. It isn’t until the latter half of the series where you see the deeper facets of his person, and really appreciate those one of a kind qualities. Everything from his ping pong style, to his vision of his dreams are flashy and bold. Peco is a boy who wants it all, but doesn’t realize hard work is needed, not just talent. The road he walks down of loss, injury, and self discovery all lead us to the realest version of Peco there is. The hero of the story.

17. Sophie Hatter

Howl’s Moving Castle

Strong and persistent like an oak tree would describe Sophie pretty well. She is an incredible old fashioned person with a degree in getting shit done. Sophie is able to keep her spirits up and stay vigilant even when her circumstances aren’t too peachy. Turned into an old woman by some evil witch? Might as well roll with it and be the most kickass granny out there! Her steadfast spirit is something impossible not to admire, and I love myself an independent woman. The little ways Sophie always manages to pull ahead is something remarkable and I think a showing of true strength. If you keep at it, well hell, even when you don’t want to, if you really make those efforts, things might not be as bad as you think they are.

16. Ushio Aotsuki

Ushio & Tora

Being outwardly emotional for men is often seen as a sign of weakness. I call that bullshit propaganda through and through. You know what it really is? Compassion. Being able to empathize with your surroundings to really feel the situation for what it is. Ushio is an emotional guy. He gets furious, laughs, and cries whenever he damn well pleases. And people love him for it. That earnest behavior is something you can’t well fake, and the honesty he shows time and time again in his actions is something one can truly put their faith in. He ends up being the hero of the story not because he pulled the beast spear out, but because he is the person who makes the most efforts to care about each and every person he interacts with. No matter if it is a kappa or his best friends, Ushio won’t make you feel like anything but your very best.

15. Guts


The path of a warrior isn’t always easy. You are great at the art of fighting and slaying your enemies, but the satisfaction of winning isn’t always enough alone. Finding a purpose for yourself is important. I think this rings true with life in general, but to see someone who already seems perfectly capable to fill a role expected by so many, to still lament over his future is captivating to no end. Guts is a monster when he is on the battlefield, but despite that he knows he hasn’t found his answer yet. Looking at a once hot headed kid turn into a cool and calm headed general, it’s really a full journey. His self-introspection to build upon himself for growth is relatable even in his circumstances. Guts is looking for the way of happiness. How to achieve it is not so easy, but he steadily grows right before our eyes into a man on a mission we all can sympathize with.

14. Sawako Kuronuma

Kimi ni Todoke

There are few characters I’ve come across in anime that make me feel that effect of how precious they really are. The sweetest cinnamon roll you have ever laid eyes upon, Sawako. A reserved girl who lives in her own little world, and is gossiped about by many of her classmates with tons of falsities. But instead of taking it as bullying, Sawako sees it as a way she could improve upon herself to meet their expectations. Sawako is always viewing life with a dash of color and optimism like none other. Simple events like helping a friend or even being considered important to someone, are the foundations of life long memories to cherish for her. Everyday is an adventure and nothing doesn’t hold significance. I know one of the reasons I adore her so much is her heaping amount of similarities to someone dear to me, but still in spite of that Sawako has one of the most pleasant on-screen presences ever. I seldom smile as much as I did when I saw the way she viewed and discovered the basic things in life around her as some grand part of her daily routine. It’s that sort of lens I wish I had on my very on eyes.

13. Kazuma Kuwabara

Yu Yu Hakusho

This is where listing things got really challenging. I wanted to place Sawako even higher, and it is possible she may sneak a few spots as time passes on, but for now she just couldn’t topple these 13 characters who hold a special place in my heart. First up is a delinquent high-school kid with an incredibly low IQ who often loses at everything he does. That is right, I’m talking about the wielder of the Headband of Love Kuwabara! What he lacks in skill, brains, and winning percentages, he makes up for in spirit, heart, and charisma. Kuwabara is an idiot, and while that puts him at a ton of disadvantages, it actually ends up being his greatest strength too. Not knowing when to quit and fighting for what he truly believes in to the bitter end is the kind of man he is. Upholding honor, and trusting in those he cares about. Kuwabara is a simpleton sure, but that is what I like about him. He isn’t hard to figure out, he just cares and that is enough for me.

12. Jacuzzi Splot


Sometimes the little guy needs a little love too. In comes Jaccuzi Splot, the leader of a small gang. His mission is interesting as he isn’t in it for riches or power but stopping the bad guys. Jaccuz is a total cry baby and most think of him as a full on wimp. This is a miscalculation on their part of course. Jaccuz is actually a guy with a more than meets the eye approach. He cries all the time so when the hard times appear he won’t have to and can be strong for those around him. A constant worrier, and friend to those he meets, Jacuzzi is really trying his best at all times to make everyone else feel safe. Even his girlfriend is part of this equation as his tattoo on his face is just a symbol of how fearless he is willing to be to support those important to him. If there is one person you can count on, well you know who to call right?

11. Taksahi Natsume

Natsume Yujinchou

Oh Natsume, a young child with quite a strenuous life. He has only made it as far as highschool and dealt with moving houses(and families) multiple times, the constant judgement of those around him, and oh did I mention he can see spirits that almost no one else can? For a reserved and shy personality, that is a lot to deal with. Being passed around like a huge problem by most of his family and seen as a weirdo by those around him, Natsume could be a bitter rage fueled kid. He could, but he instead chooses a life of avoidance. He wants others to stray away from his problems, and thinks that is the best way to cope. He learns this isn’t entirely true and letting people in to help you with your burdens can be a real relief. It’s the slow journey of Natsume learning how to balance his dual life, and finally bond with the people around him, friend and family alike, in ways he never imagined conceivable that make him so great. Life isn’t always easy, but making bonds and seeing the world in a happier viewpoint can sure make it a lot more pleasant, that is certain. Natsume is kind, stubborn, and learning all about life one day at a time with us steadily seeing the joys of it with him.

10. Alfredo Martini

Romeo no Aoi Sora

Children are the future of the world. Alfredo is pretty much undeniable proof of the potential kids can have when you allow it to come to fruition. A good set of values, a thirst for knowledge, and just a kind soul. Alfredo reminds me of myself as kid but without the temper. So basically if you fused Romeo’s temper in there you have a bit of me. I think that is part of why I identify with him the way I do. His personality is something I like to see. Odd since I don’t really care for myself now, but as a kid I was the bee’s knees. Alfredo is exactly that and more. His friendship with Romeo and leadership of the Black Brothers show so many of his top qualities worth admiring. It’s nothing easy to pinpoint for why Alfredo is the the beginning of my top ten favorites, just a culmination of his character. I like the dude, okay?

9. Kou Kitamura

Cross Game

I like baseball? I LOVE BASEBALL! Hence why part of Cross Game is so my jam, but honestly aside from being a charismatic pitcher, Kou is a dynamic fellow as well. He comes off as a stoic type who doesn’t have much of an opinion, but that is mostly for show. He prefers keeping things to himself and analyzing from afar. I concur on that behavior, let me tell you. I love observation, and it’s fascinating that in Adachi’s stories a ton of his character growth comes from subtle nuances in simple conversations, or observations, rather than explicit dialogue or flashy scenes. Kou is distinct is how he develops and acts, but it isn’t just his mannerisms that I connect with. He is a great teammate, friend, and person who is making efforts on the down low to back those he shares a link with. Kou is a person who has many faint actions that seem meaningless, yet always hold important context. Elementary? I think not Watson.

8. Aoba Tsukishima

Cross Game

I pretty much defined Aoba’s finer qualities right here, but I can say a little piece for her here. She is a determined, hardworking girl who loves baseball as much as I do. A person who is placed in a position of unfair treatment, and adjusts to it with adult and responsible sensibilities. Life can be bullshit if you are a certain race, or in this case gender, however Aoba accepts the way society has deemed its rules and doesn’t yield. No, instead she decides to still put her heart into what she adores the most, and heck just enjoy life like her family would want her to. If one thing stands out the most about Aoba it’s my undying respect for her decisions. That ability to stand her ground no matter the views of others is nothing but pure resolve that you can’t help but take a bow to.

7. Tomoya Okazaki


Out of everyone on this list, Tomoya is the character I 100% identify with the most. And no, the social outcast factor is not part of that! Tomoya has many factors within his spectrum that I relate to on a deeply personal level. Three things specifically though are what stand out as the most defining characteristics of his life that we share. He grew up with a distant alcoholic father who as time passed further strained the relationship. Tomoya lives in a small town that has suddenly morphed into a much busier and harder to recognize place than the one he grew up in. And finally his life was one of mostly lows and emotional monotony until he met this person who took him to the place where wishes come true. The culmination of his family, town, and romantic life are all things I share with Tomoya. His struggles, pain, and eventual growth to a path of happiness with Nagisa are all parts of life I associate with my own. They also are dreams I wish to achieve, and thanks to my very own sweet souled partner, I most likely will.

6. Yusuke Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho

Similar to Kuwabara in his school prowess, and after school tendencies, Yusuke is not the model student. He is seen as vulgar, violent, and definitely a problem child. And honestly it is pretty much all true. Yusuke has a shit home life, and hardly any would care if he died suddenly one day from something random like a car accident. Or so he thought! Yusuke while plagued with an ill temperament and even worse reputation still has two things going for him. Those being his childhood friend Keiko, and an honest to good heart. Yusuke isn’t a bad guy, he’s just viewed as one, and took on the role the world so aptly decided for him. His one link to his better parts though? Keiko. She is always at his side to remind him of the person she knows and loves. It’s the strong-willed belief in Yusuke that aids him so many times to not give up and fight for making the best of his life, despite crappy circumstances. Throughout YYH, Yusuke goes on a long ride from delinquent to hero of the story. He is rough around the edges, but that is what makes him so fun to watch evolve.

5. Vash the Stampede


Clearly the doughnut obsession was the primary factor for why Vash is in my top 5, no? While I applaud his adoration for those scrumptious baked delights, it really boils down to three words Vash spouts time and time again. Love and Peace! Vash the Stampede is the most wanted man on the entire planet. Nicknames do him no justice either. The Humanoid Typhoon is the most popular one due to how often towns are wrecked beyond salvage when he comes through. So, why is such a destructive force so beloved?! Vash isn’t what word of mouth would make you believe. Through the efforts of some insurance brokers, Meryl and Millie, we get to ascertain the true intentions of Vash. While he is brimming with potential to be the most dangerous person around, he chooses not to be. Vash is one of the most talented fighters in existence and not a man to trifle with in open combat. However, his backstory reveals the origins of his bounty were created by an event where Vash had absolutely no control of his body. He actually promotes the ideals of peace and good will with love towards your fellow man, but his bounty creates a ton of unnecessary attention to him. I love Vash because he strives for the most pacifistic route possible, even when the odds tell him that isn’t the brightest option. His cheery nature and desire for happiness for all easily snags him this high spot on my favorites list.

4. Erin

Kemono no Souja

My absolute favorite female character in all of anime is Erin. Her story chronicles over the span of 50 episodes and 8 years of her life. Ranging from childhood, to adolescence, to her adulthood. Every single thing in Kemono no Souja is part of her journey of growing up. In the fantasy world she inhabits, life is complicated, and Erin is often one who crosses paths with some of the most influential people in the entire land. However, it’s her story that compels me so greatly when I watch the series. Not the overall plot, but the cultivation of her person that is so endlessly alluring. Erin is a curious child with a thirst for knowledge of the world surrounding her. It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be bees, it could be giant lizards, Erin wants to learn about it. The ecosystem that populates her world is important no matter how small the contribution is. Her compassion and desire to tend to her planet with a heart filled with pure loving is what makes her so special. As in our own world their is a hierarchy of priority for what should be taken care of first. Humans in power are clearly at the top of that chain. Erin however, is indifferent to this sociological creation of man, and believes all life is equal and worth nurturing. A smart child with a great moral compass turned into a woman with a set of benevolent ideals, Erin is a woman I have nothing but admiration for.

3. Simon the Digger

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a ridiculous over the top narrative about a simple metaphor. A boy becomes a man. There is a lot more substance to the actual series, but for the character of Simon specifically this is what his journey is all about. Simon is a fraidy cat who is only praised for a single skill trait he owns. The boy can dig like no one else. And when you live underground and have to mine to survive, well, it can be a handy ability to have. On the other hand, he is a shy, reclusive child, who is often ridiculed and judged by his peers. Aside from the most eccentric person in his city, Kamina, that is. Kamina has a deeply rooted belief in Simon as a person. He has zero doubts that Simon is the most amazing person he knows. In his eyes, the world is full of bronze, but Simon is pure gold shining brightly who just needs a little push to understand his value. Kamina is one of two major influential figures in Simon’s life. The other is Nia who is the one who supports him when he is at his lowest, and readily stays by his side no matter what. The combination of his blood brother and future wife are the two who create the foundation for Simon as a man. He grows into a confident young man who is overflowing with budding growth yet to happen. Everyone who is important in Simon’s journey helps shape him in one way or another, but I love the way Gurren Lagann shows how the people most prominent in that path are molded into part of his personality. All the people you form bonds with help make you the man you will become, and Simon becomes a fine one because of those who never stopped believing. That certainty allowed him to really step up, and then forge a Simon he only assumed was a pipe dream. Simon was always a kind soul with endless potential, but until those people gave him the proper nudge he wasn’t able to become the best version of himself.

2. Son Goku

Dragon Ball Z

We all have heroes when we are kids. Those who inspire us to be more than we ever envisioned. Like Kamina was to Simon, Goku was to me. I needed something or someone to make me believe I could do this and that. Parents often take on that role or possibly an older sibling, but for me it was Goku. The innocent-hearted warrior who defended earth. A lot of what makes Goku so endearing became the cornerstone of how I built myself at a young age. His ever aspiring adventure to always improve was my favorite. Where most folks say there is a limit, Goku was time and time again able to push past his limits to transcend to higher plateaus. Odds be damned, Goku wanted to strengthen himself. Most times too it wasn’t just to save the day, but a personal plan to better who he was for his own satisfaction. Mix that determination with his good willed nature, and Goku was something of a marvel to child me. I could keep growing past my limits and be stubborn to never give up? Even if lose, that just means I have more to learn? I don’t have to stoop to the level of bullies but can rise above it strongly and kindly? All of the questions and more are a resounding yes I could, and I would. Goku isn’t a smart man, but an honest one with drive to discover new avenues to his future. I applied these ideals so many times to my early life when I was bullied or at a roadblock, and even to this day it continues. I can lose yes, but giving up is the true way you never succeed. If you want to make it happen, you just have to word hard and make it happen. Goku taught me that, and I thank him for it.

1. Himura Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

I’m sure many of you have noticed that a few key qualities are present throughout the majority of my favorite characters. Things such as compassion, honesty, and understanding are some of my key values I strive for in life. The reason I love so many of these characters is because the way they view their worlds or go through life is something I want to apply to my own. No one is my personal hero more than my all time favorite fictional character, Himura Kenshin. A wandering samurai who I based this entire blog around. Once a manslayer, now someone seeking atonement in his adult years. Kenshin was bred to be a killer, and did just that until he took away what mattered most with his sword. Unintentional it may have been, from that moment Kenshin finally understood how important the value of a human life was. He then set out to never kill again, and travel finding ways to atone for his bloody past. His story is one of realizing how even though in the moment your past may have seemed to be the best outcome, it doesn’t always equate in the end that way. Never should you forget what you have lived, but learn from it and make the best of your future. Kenshin disciplines himself to respect all facets of life equally. While he is no stranger to the harsher views of reality, he much prefers fighting for a future when killing will no longer be needed.

He is my favorite for so many reasons. I probably could write a whole chapter’s length at why he helped form part of who I am. The idea of it is never too late to make the best of your life now, still inspires me. You don’t have to lament over your past, and let it ruin your future. As long as you live, there is time to make a difference to your situation. Combine that message with Kenshin’s unyielding desire to be kind to all he meets, and treat life as a precious entity, and I can’t be any more in love with the man. Kenshin tries to see everyone’s side of the story even if it’s a futile and dangerous thing because he knows how important everyone’s viewpoint is. No one is forgettable or nonessential. We all carry vital pieces to the puzzle that is living. You can learn the most about yourself sometimes by taking the due diligence to educate yourself about them. Himura Kenshin is the ultimate mixture of compassion, honesty, and understanding that I implement into my very self. His example has taught me of how life is simply what you make it. So, why not invest in a happy one while I’m here?

Well that is all my little wanderers! I do hope you had fun going down this journey with me, and discovering which characters I love the most. It was a ton of fun to make, and I can’t wait to keep making more of this type of content if you guys like what you see. Tell me somewhere on the social medias, and I will take that feedback to heart. Until next time…

See you around my wandering readers!