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Summer is a hot, hot, HOT, time of year. Ice cream is the true craving we all share, and bikini bodies are the daily visual activity. It is hard to qualm the world of hotness created during the summer months with the variety of delicious things waiting out there for us. They bring it on almost as Glenn Frey would. How do we celebrate this instead of shunning it like vampires who want nothing more but the sweet sweet shade? With hotties with a body of course! I henceforth bring to you for the Month of One Piece  a list of the most attractive people across the Grand Line! Men and women alike are here to make you have to adjust your pants just a smidge, and honestly that is okay! Enjoy the bountiful buxom bodies in this post, and remember to cool off afterwards with a nice frozen drink or something delightful like that. Not much else to explain here, so let us jump on into the feast for your eyes!

10. Cavendish

This gorgeous muffin cake of a man is one of the most recent folks to appear in the world of One Piece. He is as vain as he is pretty, and honestly a lot of women love a man with an ego. He is sure plentiful in that, and his looks are impossible to argue. Well unless you get him all pissed off, then things might take a cold turn. I suppose this is a dish best served hot!

10. Carrot

I’ve never been much for anthropomorphic animal characters being attractive. The cat maids have not forced me to their religion quite yet! However, a stacked bunny girl like Carrot could be just what I need to take a hop in that direction. If she is anything like a real rabbit, then I imagine I would be quite busy for some time.

9. Smoker

I hate smoking with a passion, and that is why this muscle bound hunk is so low on the list. He has a dominant personality and strong values. That is the kind of man I would let get behind me let me tell you, but sadly Smoker is slowly making it harder to breathe, so I will have to admire from a distance through all the fog.

9. Rebecca

You know her design is the true double-edged sword for me. It shows almost all of her bare skin in a very tantalizing fashion, but at the same time what is more exciting then hiding a little bit? She leaves little to the imagination, and I love that extra creativity of my brain to fill in the blanks. Oh well, she still can rock me like a gladiator anytime she wants.

8. Kohza

Kohza could be higher, but let’s face it, he isn’t in the series enough. He is a cute guy with a rebellious side that sparks the fire within. Yet, he is hardly around and getting anything out of him would be a challenge. Playing hard to get has never been so interesting to me.

8. Nojiko

Okay imagine Nami, but like the more punk version of her. That is Nojiko to an extent. Despite Nami having tons of promiscuous charm, Nojiko is like her aged up a bit and less wild. I like the tamer hot sister thing she has going on for her, but Nojiko needs a little more to get my engines roaring at full speed.

7. Law

I think I put Law so low for one reason. He just has that bad boy look in his eyes. And while that is a way to get into so many people’s pants, I’ve always been less inclined towards it. However, I can’t deny the guy has a ton of sex appeal and I can see women and men alike wanting to see if they could break the law every now and again.

7. Koala

I’ve barely seen her grown up at all so she places in the bottom half. On the other hand if I get a lot more of her she will easily nab a spot in the top 3. Her adorable and scrumptious steam punk design oozes with desire in me, and I for one want more. Oda make it happen!

6. Shanks

A friendly guy, who is so strong he barely blinked at the loss of an arm. He is tough as nails, but kind as can be. I want to see more of hot Daddy Shanks because oh my me likey. A man of true leadership in and out of the battlefield, I want him to command me one step at a time.

6. Boa Hancock

Every shonen series has their big sex icon. For the longest time Nami was that for the series but Boa Hancock came out of nowhere and took the throne by force with each punted baby animal. And you know what, I almost always agree they are attractive, but they are never my favorite in terms of attractiveness. Boa is a babe no doubt, but she isn’t my kinda gal.

5. Mihawk

Sexy hot swordsmen are always the best. Mihawk has that mature and elegant feel with a mix of bad boy that makes you scream of a nice thrusting. He is drop dead gorgeous and honestly, that is all the man needs to make it this high. Bad boy meets hunk equals :O.

5. Viola

While a decent character in her own right, Viola is the true hourglass figure in the One Piece world. And I was enamored by that, no doubt about it. She only makes it this high because she is as spicy as the salsa dance she shakes her perfectly shaped hips to.

4. Sabo

Boyish charm can go a long way for making you desirable. Sabo is the definition of it. That same cool ass steam punk design as Koala, but with a touch of fun thrown in with his loose clothes. Sabo is cute in most every way and it makes him one of the most appealing by a long shot.

4. Robin

Outside the ability of many hands equals many forms of pleasure, Robin is just great. A nice body, a pleasant personality, and incredibly smart to boot. Robin is a true triple threat with so many things going for her. Alright the hands is why she is so high, what can I say, that is a hell of a perk.

3. Sanji

Lean and a master of cuisine. What could be better than a man who is in great shape, can cook you nice meals, and will worship the ground you walk on? Not much else, but Sanji does lose points for two reasons. One he wouldn’t be able to not flirt with strangers, and two the gosh darn cigs! Alas you could only have so much in one man.

3. Camie

I like girls who are spunky and funny. Camie is pretty much the epitome of that. Sure she doesn’t have a bottom half to enjoy so that really knocks her out from being the top spot. I pretty much love the rest of her. Nice body, and hilarious person. That is good enough for me.

2. Ace

His devil fruit is pretty much a great metaphor for what he is. Pure fire! This man is hot as they come, and the true cowboy sex icon of One Piece. Charming and incredibly good looking, he really could have topped the men’s list, but it was so close I made a call for my own preference between the two. But yeah, god damn this man is fine. Giddy up!

2. Vivi

Vivi has a lot of traits of the typical hot body in One Piece. So she is a win there. Her personality is my favorite of all of the female characters in the entire series. And I really like blue. Weird bias maybe? I don’t care! Vivi is passionate, loves the people around her, and looks damn good at the same time. Like Ace she could have been a top spot, but the number one is just a little better overall. I do love her though!

1. Zoro

Remember all the salivation of hot badasses, someone who would protect you no matter what, and is just good looking as can be? Yeah Zoro is all of those things, and I don’t know, no one drips in true manliness quite like him. If you want the true stud who would make you feel like melted butter in his arms, this is the one for you. Fucking drool!

1. Nami

I mean who else did you expect? It wasn’t even a competition really. She has the hottest outfits in the series, the most frisky personality, and she consistently gets more attractive as the series progresses. Nami is a stone cold fox. She is pure sex appeal in pretty much every way. She may just be the hottest shonen girl that has been made. She isn’t just the hottest One Piece character, but one of the hottest around. I present her with the award of finest woman on the Grand Line 20 Years and running. May you keep giving young boys boners for years to come!

Well things got a bit hot and heavy there. I think it influenced my writing a bit, which is okay I suppose. I can’t help when the delicious people of the ocean are making it hard for me to concentrate. That is just how things go I’m afraid. I do hope you enjoyed this first, more light-hearted piece into the Month of One Piece! I wanted to showcase something a bit more sparse on content while I prepare for bigger posts to come. Until next time my little wanderers!

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