This will cover games covered at the E3 press conferences, or reveals around that time. Nothing that was shown on the floor will be talked about unless it was something worth mentioning in passing. Otherwise, this is a breakdown of the games shown, not the conferences themselves. Almost every title of every game has a link to their trailer if you would like to watch them if you haven’t seen them yet yourself. 

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating something. I’ve always been a bigger gamer than anything else in terms of what I spend my hobby time with. I decided to have two dedicated blogs to anime and games respectively, yet this ended up being a bad idea. The gaming one fell to the side as I personalized and made this place better and better. After some time, and deliberation, I’ve decided to do what many do, and make this blog multipurposed. It will still maintain a strong anime focus of course, but I want to talk about games, and some other media as well. I will be making a new tab on the main page for all of that content, so for those who are interested in that, this will become a permanent change to the Wandering Anime Blog. So, what better content to start my gaming posts with than a big thoughts post on E3!? I’ve been following E3 fairly closely for years now, so this is something that should be easy for me to do.

The plan is I will break down each specific conference’s games. I won’t be talking about the shows themselves, because honestly, I don’t really care to waste hours of my time watching those streams. I care about the games, and the announcements themselves more than anything else. The groups with be broken down as EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, and The Other Guys. That last one is just every other announcement that wasn’t used as part of a conference. So all the small leaks, and floor stuff we get to see.  I will talk about each game announcement(new or old) and give them a brief breakdown, and grading. The grades are going to be a classic A-F scale. Nothing else much to say here so let us proceed!


Overall this show was very EA in many ways. They tried hard to be buddy-buddy with us all, and pretend they aren’t the biggest fuck ups in the industry with sneaky behavior, the showed lots of trending things, lots of sports games, and not really much gameplay of anything. Overall it was very par for the course for EA, but let’s go through their show one by one shall we?

Battlefield V is getting a Battle Royale

Wow, I can’t believe how easily Battlefield and COD are getting influenced by the trend set by Fortnite and PUBG. BATTLE ROYALE FOR ALL!! I guess death match doesn’t really hold the same weight it once did. This is more of a cash grab than anything, and it saddens me despite the amount of non-surprise it produced within me.

Grade: D-

Jedi:Fallen Order

Oh boy we got us another Star Wars game coming! Oh wait, it’s being published by EA, and we literally saw nothing of it? Why was this such a low key announcement. They didn’t show or talk about it at all really Wasted potential right there….ah yes that is EA in a nutshell, I forget to quickly.

Grade: D

Battlefront 2 is getting clone wars content

Do you remember the last time Battlefront was good? Yep! The time it was during the clone wars waaaay back in the PS2 era. This is another lazy cash grab, and again they showed literally nothing about it!

Grade: F

Unravel 2

Nawwww Yarny is back! This absolutely delights me to see. A little indie darling that not only isn’t being treated like a forgotten piece of art, but it gets a sequel that is ready to play the moment it was announced!? This is how you show off things, with the little guys!

Grade: B+

Sea of Solitude

Now we didn’t see a lot of gameplay to make this one a definite buy for me, but I am certainly intrigued as all hell by the first showing. This looks unique, and interesting, and it is what makes the indie crowd such a strong contender every year for the diamond in the rough.

Grade: B-

Command & Conquer Mobile

I mean I guess it is cool we got to see some of the gameplay, but does anyone really want a mobile game announced at the live show? I don’t, and I think that is a wasted slot of time in general.

Grade: D+

Anthem Update

Well we got more info on Anthem. It looks ambitious in some ways, and fairly conservative in others. After the way EA has affected Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I’m highly cynical about anything Bioware gets to make with them watching the project. I guess time will tell, but the game looks like it split the eager people right down the middle.

Grade: C

Sports Games

No one cares about these getting big announcements due to their yearly release. I like sports a lot, and I don’t give a single flying fuck. More Madden, more Fifa, I mean what else is there to say?

Grade: C-


Well damn Microsoft, this was something I was not expecting to say. Now, normally I really don’t like their E3 or them as an overall company, but I gotta tip my hat. Out of the many conferences we saw, Microsoft had the strongest showing. A lot of announcements, a lot of variance, and really just a strong lineup coming up for them in the future. Good job Microsoft, you did one right.

Halo Infinite

New Halo game is coming, so they started with one of their biggest hitters getting a new sequel. Not really mindblowing, but this is a very solid thing to say is coming. Things look like they are coming along nicely, so hey Master Chief is back yet again.

Grade: B-

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

A very beloved and solid indie game getting a solid looking sequel. Just like with Unravel, this is something that warms my heart to see. More Ori is good for the industry, so cheers!

Grade: A

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware is back and with a badass Ninja/Samurai looking game. It looks really really fun to play, and lots of hard fast-paced action is to come. I think this is a good way for the company to keep doing what they do best, but with a new style to it. Sadly lots of other samurai games got announced as well, so the sword play is going to have to differentiate itself as much as possible to stand out. Looks good though, I’m hype. I just hope Activision being the publisher isn’t a bad thing….which very well may be the case.

Grade: B+

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

More awkward animations, and voice acting support this cute little trailer. If you liked the little heartfelt storytelling of Life is Strange(which I do), and can look past the technical issues(I do as well!), then I think you will enjoy this free to play little story that is going to bridge into the second season that is coming sometime soon.

Grade: C

Crackdown 3 Update

Hey a release date! Finally people can shut up and stop asking me at work! I’m glad it is coming, and it is one of the first of many games that seem to be coming in January and February of next year. We got a stacked years start coming.

Grade: C

Metro: Exodus Update

Metro is looking fun, and has a lot more info, so just like Crackdown this is a solid update on a game we already knew about.

Grade: C

Forza: Horizon 4

More car racing for all the Forza fanatic out there. A solid sequel is bound to come of it, albeit it is just cars, so not a lot to be megahyped for.

Grade: C-

The Division 2

This is a big online community based title, so a sequel coming is a more than likely successful game coming down the shoot. I could care less about it, but hey this is great news for fans!

Grade: C+

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Update

Nothing too flashy here, just more Tomb Raider. If you have played the reboot series at all, this is very much a full fledged looking sequel. A fun action/stealth adventure game with a few puzzles here and there. Lara got that nice booty still too, so I guess we win on all accounts.

Grade: C


Skateboarding! It’s not a terrible Tony Hawk, so maybe the spirit of Skate will return? I hope so, because people love their skating.

Grade: C+

Devil May Cry 5

So after one reboot attempt that split the fans, Capcom decides to go back with the main series. An excellent choice it seems, and it looks really tight. This is crisp, bloody, high-octane action at it’s finest. We got story, and gameplay showings, I mean this is one of the best mixture reveals of the entire E3.

Grade: A

Cuphead Expansion

Neato, Cuphead is getting more work. Not much else to say huh?

Grade: C

Jump Force

This is a weird one. It looks so oddly realistic, and while Jump games always make me salivate for all the crossover potential, I can’t help but be cautious. They normally end up being sorta fun, but really lacking, so I will wait to see what comes of this. Please be good, please be good, PLEASE!

Grade: C

Dying Light 2

Oh a sequel, well my coworker blew her lid in happiness. We know very little about it, but that is cool to see at least. We need more details before anyone should be really excited though.

Grade: C-

New Battletoads

What an odd revival. Battletoads is not particularly a fun or good game from the NES era. It is highly unfair, and the difficulty is alllllll over the place. So, the fact that a new one is coming is neither really exciting or that cool, it is just more unexpected. I hope it is more fun at least.

Grade: C

Just Cause 4

More crazy hijinks galore with explosions! And this time weather is apparently quite important! We need more info to see how it will change up the formula a little, but hey another solid sequel announcement

Grade: C-.

Gears 5 plus spin offs

Another face of the company is getting not just one game, but 3. This is a far better way to show off spin offs. Group it together with the main project so it ends up just being the icing on the cake. We don’t need the mobile or funko Gears, but hell we are getting them!

Grade: B

Cyberpunk 2077

This seems to have a ton of folks excited. I wasn’t really familiar with it to be honest. It’s be the Witcher team, so I think it will be good, and the floor show gave us way more details on the gameplay instead of the tame teaser trailer we got. I don’t think I will play it, because I’m not much of a first person action gamer, but hey if it is really solid maybe it will turn me around.

Grade: C+

Nier Automata Coming to Xbox

It’s just a port but more people get to play it, so yay!

Grade: C-

Sea of Thieves Expansions

More content for a game no one really loves or hates, so yay!?

Grade: D+

We Happy Few Update

A solid release date for this fall, and now we can care about this game once again. Will it be good? Not sure but a release window is wonderful to see.

Grade: C-

New PUBG Mode

I don’t think anyone but the mindless PUBG exclusive console fanbase care about this.

Grade: F

Tales of Vesperia Definitive

Ohhh so thoroughly glad this is a reality. One of the only more modern Tales games that was stuck on an exclusive console that I had no way to play, and now it will be on the modern generation. I’ve played a little and this game is a ton of fun, so this is quality to see coming our way.

Grade: B-

Tunic Update

I didn’t know this was going to be exclusive so that saddens me. It still looks cute, and very zelda-like so I love the way it appears, but I don’t own a blasted Xbox. Shame, I wanted this too. Timed exclusive me hopes.

Grade: C


I don’t suck the Bethesda teet quite as hard as everyone else. I haven’t played Fallout before, and Elder Scrolls isn’t really that fun to play to me. However, their showing overall at E3 was solid enough. It wasn’t mind blowing or amazing, but they are at least bringing so good stuff to the table.


Rage 2

Solid sequel yet again. Seems to be a big part of this E3 is either showing more of pre-known titles, or showing off sequel. This is neither bad nor great, but it is nonetheless good for the fans of the respective series.

Grade: C+

Doom Eternal

More Doom is good.

Grade: B-

Prey gets new content

I love free updates. Glad to see some companies still care about stuff like this. Good stuff right here.

Grade: C+

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein has such an interesting release method. Getting 1 and 2 of course, but some extra side content frequently too. This falls into that category certainly, and that is not a bad thing. It looks fun, and that is what games are about.

Grade: C+

Fallout 76

This is the big momma release of the year for the company. Now that they gave way more details on it, people are stupidly hyped for this. It looks like the online all the time is getting the normal criticism, but in this age, it isn’t that odd. Fallout is making splashes, and looks to be the big game of November.

Grade: B

Mobile Elder Scrolls

This, and the Alexa Skyrim both were a bit silly to show. I already said once, I don’t think mobile games should be their own announcement, and I firmly stand by that notion.

Grade: D


And we are ending on some of their worse stuff here. Just teasers with no content, or real showing that they are being worked on. This will come before the last game they talked about, but I don’t think we will see this anytime soon.

Grade: D+

ESO gets more expansions later

ESO has been getting regular stuff, so I suppose this is good news for an okay MMO. More content keeps the player-base alive if anything.

Grade: C

Elder Scrolls VI

Absolutely makes me shake my head in disappointment. You should not be excited by this! This isn’t coming until after Fallout and Starfield, so that means this is years away. It is just creating hype for the sake of it with no substance whatsoever. These are the type of teasers the make me legit mad when tons of folks are getting super hyped about them. It’s such an easy ploy to help draw in more sales. They are “working” on ES 6? NO SHIT, it is one of their biggest properties! That would be like Nintendo showing just a picture of Mushroom kingdom and saying one day we will make another Mario. This tells us NOTHING!

Grade: F

Square Enix

Square might of have the worst conference of them all this time around. They did nothing! It was either games shown elsewhere, or just a bunch of nothing new. I was actually hype for Kingdom Hearts to get its big reveal here, but nope it was everywhere else. And no FF7 remake update either. Way to do nothing with the big properties.

A bit more info on Tomb Raider, Captain Spirit, Just Cause 4

I have no earthly idea while Square went and gave all their best game announcements to the other conferences. This is mind bogging to say the least. They shared a little more info on the key titles they are publishing, but they basically gave away all of their thunder.

Grade: F

Babylon’s Fall Update

Everyone loves Platinum games when they are on point. Normally their licensed games, and odd properties are their misses. I can’t say for sure if this will fall in that category or not, but in general almost no one is really excited by this idea.

Grade: D+

The Quiet Man

This could be one of two things. It could be a fascinating game using the idea of sound(or lack of it), to create a unique experience, or it could be a half-baked idea that misses the full potential. My money is on the latter.

Grade: C

FF XIV gets updates and Monhon CrossOver

I mean this is a really neat crossover, albeit it targets an incredibly niche crowd, but regardless it is a fun thing to see. I know my coworker is going nuts seeing behemoth be in MonHon.

Grade: C+

Dragon Quest XI update

We got a bit more info on the next big DQ game, but again nothing substantial. Like most of their announcements, it ended up being a lot of already known stuff. At least the game looks fun as could be, and DQ is still running strong.

Grade: C


Ubisoft wasn’t exactly great, but they weren’t awful either. They were fairly middling with a bunch of expected things shown, and really not much that blew us away. It was about as much as you could expect from them, fairly mediocre.

Just Dance 2019

More pandas, more dancing, this is about as standard fare as EA showing off Madden. Nothing to blow a gasket over that is for certain.

Grade: C-

Beyond Good and Evil 2 update

I mean the trailer looks sick, and I love Joseph Gordan Levitt being a backer, but a lot of old school fans of the original seem pissed by the change in tone. I still gotta play the original, but yet again all we got was a CGI trailer with no concrete gameplay showing.

Grade: C-

Trials Rising

People love them some racing, and dirt bikes are part of that, but cool I suppose. I know a lot of people who enjoy these sort of games, and I’m sure this no doubt got them jazzed. Not my sort of game, but hey we all like something, and this is a solid announcement.

Grade: C

Skull and Bones update

Graphically this game looks super pleasing and realistic. The game has a ton of potential, but until I see more hands on gameplay, I’m not sold that this will be anything but average at best. Sea of Thieves is like that, and I feel this will follow in suit.

Grade: C-

Starlink Battle for Atlas update

This game is having itself a fun time. I don’t really have any concerns about it, and don’t plan to buy it, but it looks like it could be a decent time waster if anything for the average gamer.

Grade: C

Mario + Rabbids gets DK DLC

I wish dlc wasn’t something that companies wasted time using their E3 conference with. This isn’t very WOW in terms of surprise factor, I mean DK coming to the game with Mario characters, and a rabbid that looks like Dk? Who woulda thunk!?

Grade: D


Another celeb appearance with the charming Elijah Wood. This isn’t showing us a lot, but the game looks genuinely creepy as heck, and if it can deliver the way the trailer did, then we will have another reason to pick up the VR. Only time will tell on that, but so far, I think this game looks like it could be a perfect Halloween title.

Grade: C+

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ass creed is back to yearly releases….already! That didn’t take long at all did it? I suppose Origins doing well was enough of a reason, and they are trying to cram it into that same release window of COD, BOF, and Red Dead, so for those who buy everything that is a big pain in the ass. It’s going back to Greece….and it really doesn’t feel like the franchise anymore. They seem to just pick a random era, steal things from other franchises, and hope for the best for good feedback. I suppose this is mean, but I hope this bombs, so the series can either die, or spend a while in hibernation until it can be rebuilt with better ideas.

Grade: C+


Sony had a weird show if you watched it, but as for the games, we got a ton of quality content to chew on. The bad part of it all though, was there wasn’t really much of anything that was new or shocking(aside from maybe RE2 and Nioh 2), and we got almost zero release windows for most of these games. We may have to wait until the end of next year or even 2020 to play most of these and that is a damn shame with how good they are looking.

Last of Us Part II

We got some true good stuff here. A lot of focus on Ellie in story and combat. We can see the game will focus on her personally more this time around, but this hasn’t made LOU any less gritty, violent, and almost hard to watch. I love how hard it goes with the human on human violence. I do hope we get to see some infected next time the show the game though, as the humans were always the more tedious part of combat. It looks better this time for sure, but I want more fungus people, and Joel’s beard in my next LOU showing.

Grade: B+

Ghost of Tsushima

This was teased last year with almost nothing shown, now we got a full hands on gameplay demo, and fuck me in the ass with a sword, this game looks great! It has fluid swordplay, gorgeous graphics, and honestly the best looking samurai feel in any game I’ve ever seen. This is a buy it at launch game for me as of right now.

Grade: A-


Lots of shooting, and oh there is a lady too, and ummm I guess that is it. Well that was short, and didn’t tell me much. Guess the jury is out on this one.

Grade: D+

Resident Evil 2 Remake

You know, I’ve never played Resident Evil 1-3 to completion. I hate tank controls, because in all fairness, I suck at playing with them. They don’t aid in scare factor, they just frustrate me, and make the game not fun to play. So, the fact that this game is coming back with the RE4 style combat turns my world upside down. Now I can truly experience this games story firsthand and rather as a bystander. I hear old school controls are still most likely going to be present, and that delights me too. I want the new for myself and people who are like me, but I want classic play-style to remain for those who adore it the way it was.

Grade: B+

Death Stranding

Kojima you are what odd man. What the hell is this game even about? I love the mystery, but I can’t even gauge the gameplay style really either. I see a bit of stealth, and I assume shooting will be a part of it too, but mostly I saw a lot of cinematic world building. I can wait, Yeah I can wait for more haha.

Grade: C+

Trevor Saves the Universe

I have zero interest in anything Rick or Morty, so I actually skipped most of this weird looking title. Maybe it will be good, I truly don’t care to be frank.

Grade: C

Nioh 2

Just a teaser with nothing else. This is the same thing as with ESVI, and it infuriates me how cash grabby these type of announcements are. The worst I say!

Grade: F


I mean I was already going to buy this and it made the game look even better. I don’t need anymore info, just let me play it without spoiling me, and I’m good Sony. Still not sure why they show games that are coming in 3 months time, but hey it looks tight as heck!

Grade: B+


An unsettling, yet pretty trailer, and not much else. It has FromSoftware attached, so I hope it is really trippy and does incredibly well. More details please!

Grade: C+


Nintendo didn’t do a lot, they mostly made the word jizz their pants with Smash, and were content with that. Classic Ninteduh, and I’m not even mad.


Under the radar mecha game coming through! We need more mecha games, so this is a welcome thing to see. I don’t assume this will sell well, but maybe if they market it right it can have success like Xenoblade 2 did. Fingers crossed!!

Grade: B-

Indie Ports/Lots of other ports

PORTS GALORE! Dragonball, Fortnite, Hollow Knight, the PORTS ARE COMING! Good to see more stuff coming over to the ole switch.

Grade: C+

Xenoblade 2 Expansion

Xenoblade is getting more story content to make a huge game even longer for those who loved it. I love this sort of stuff. Complete games getting more big content is like a surprise gift on Christmas!

Grade: C+

Super Mario Party

Heck yeah we are getting classic Mario Party goodness again! Angry folks, minigames galore, and more broken families! Ahhh I do love me some party games.

Grade: B+

Fire Emblem Three Houses

This looks really fun! I love FE, but after how disappointing the Fates games were, I was getting a little worried about the franchise. Warriors and the phone game are milked out titles, so we hadn’t had a new FE game in a while that was exciting. Echoes was great, but remakes are a little different, but this new game looks like a solid new entry. New character designer, fully 3d, and some hidden goodies seem to be hiding in plain sight for battle improvements. This looks great, and further makes me want to buy a Switch.

Grade: B+

Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Grade: A-

The Other Guys

Kingdom hearts 3

FINALLY A RELEASE DATE!!! The game looks so crisp and filled with action delight! The story seems to be all the more confusing, but eh that is KH at this point. I got to see my girl Kairi again too! Ahh damn my old nostalgia for this series is seriously being tickled to bits. I’m ready and so it my body.

Grade: A-

Dead or Alive 6

The new DOA looks like a lot of fun. Soul Caliber too, but we already knew that was coming. I like DOA since the roots of the series are built within the forgotten Virtua Fighter, and it looks to be going more classic. Less fanservice, more fun, tight fighting. I’m okay with this personally, and hope to see more.

Grade: B-

Black Ops IV Update

Did we need an update on COD? Not really…moving on!

Grade: D

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

The XD is almost perfect for my face when I heard that tongue and cheek voice over work haha. An oldie, but goodie? is coming back, and well not most folks care, but I hope it does well haha.

Grade: C

My Friend Pedro

This looks like a hilarious game with the trick shots, and I also feel the novelty could wear off quickly if they don’t find a way to keep it appealing. Either way the trailer was funny to behold.

Grade: C+


Does anyone really care about this game? Maybe they do, but I sure don’t!

Grade: D+

Fist of the North Star coming westward

A full fledged FOTNS game is coming, and that is awesome to see. Instead of trendy games like SAO, AOT, or My Hero Academia, we are getting a classic series with a new game. I truly help it succeeds in all accounts.


This is clearly the best game idea ever. A shark RPG with skill trees. Very much yes I say!

Grade: A+++

Hitman 2

I adore Hitman, but couldn’t get myself to play the new stuff that came with the cut up episodes, and mission format. I heard it was still quite good, but I will maybe stay wary for now until I get a game that invokes the classic Hitman feel like Blood Money did.

Grade: C

Overall E3 Grades:

EA: C-
Microsoft: C+ *Personal Picked Best of Show
Bethesda: C
Square Enix: C- *Worst of Show
Ubisoft: C
Sony: C+
Nintendo: B  *Highest Rank by Numbers

Overall: C
Not Great overall, but this year was a very average E3 showing. EA, Ubisoft, and Square all dropped the ball. Bethesda, Sony, and Nintendo had ups and downs, but were more on the positive side. Finally Microsoft was varied in the best way, and looks like it is keeping itself alive with some smart business moves as well. Not bad Microsoft, I don’t like you, but you win this time! Now for my favorites of the show! 

My Top Ten of E3

Now as a preface, these are not the ten games that I thought were the best announcements, or worth most talking about. Most of all the quality Xbox announcements are not in here be cause I don’t care about their respective franchises, and also don’t own the system. These are just the ten games shown at E3 that I am most excited for in the future to see more of, and eventually play. The only one I will for sure leave off of the list that could be on here is Spider-man and that is because I already planned to get it this year, and the new great showing, didn’t influence my feelings towards the game to want it more. Without further ado here are my top ten of E3!

10. ManEater    

Crazy shark madness!!! This is a dumb idea, and I back it 1000% of the way. I want to be the most fearsome shark on the seas, and I want to level myself into that role! I love indies, and I’m all for creative takes on topics, so please let me be the god of sharks!

9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I already mentioned this above, but other than Shadows of Valentia, I feel the popularity Fire Emblem has gathered has been detrimental to the quality control lately. I didn’t like either Birthright or Conquest(both ranking towards the bottom of my list in FE games), Warriors is a sorely lacking spin off, and the mobile game is just that, a mobile game with no soul. I’m ready for a full fledged FE game on console, and this game seems to be the one that can do it!

8. Unravel 2

Currently I’m playing through the first title of this indie sequel, and it is every bit as charming as it looks. More cute Yarny for me please,and with a co-op partner! This is definitely something I will buy later this year most likely since it is already ready to play now.

7. Super Mario Party 

Mario Party hasn’t had a true to form battle style board game feel since the 8th title in the series. 9 and 10 both were disappointing, and the collection of 3DS…well don’t even get me started on that mess. Back to the roots, we are looking to have an furiously great time with friends and family.

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

I’m a FromSoftware bitch at this point. I love samurai. I love action games. I think this game is clearly my type of title. The only reservation I have is Activsion as publisher, but then again Bandai Namco kinda sucks, and the Souls series fared just fine. I’m ready for fantasy styled samurai duels!

5. Super Smash Bro. Ultimate

Smash is darling to me. Melee, Brawl, and the Wii U version are all games I’ve put hundreds of hours into apiece. I have yet to buy a Switch, but I think this may yet again be my console seller just like the past systems Smash games were for me. Alas I am weak to classic Smash Bros. goodness.

4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

A classic game with more modern control scheme is what I’m talking about! This game looks great with the new RE7 engine supporting it, and I like the tweaks to match the easier gameplay style. I love RE4 and this game is the roots of Leon’s story. I will have to get better at learning the conservative method of play, but I’m excited to dig into this bad boy when it drops.

3. Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us was a spectacular game. Strong writing, performances, music, graphics, and much more helped support a game with pretty standard gameplay that borrowed heavily from the Studio’s other series Uncharted. Now it seems the brutal stealth combat hyrbid they molded in the first game has been improved significantly, and I have no doubt the rest of the material will be as strong or better than the first title. I trust Naughty Dog, and I want to see more of Ellie and Joel as soon as possible.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3

I’ve been waiting for this game for over a decade. It is finally coming, and it looks like some of the slickest action-combat RPG mix to ever exist. The game looks gorgeous, the gameplay is getting me giddy, and a decade of story, and characters are finally getting a close to their first major arc. I know Kingdom Hearts is a bit all over the place, but it is endearing, and I’m ready for this huge game to blow the hype out of the water.

1. Ghost of Tsushima

If one thing can tickle my fancy eve more than Kingdom Hearts feeding on all of my nostalgia, it is motherfucking samurai! Now if you exclude the tense, and swift swordplay they showed off, you will also get your mind blown by the cinematography of the sunset duel, the authentic music to the time period, and just how awesome this game looks to play. I want to dress in feudal clothes and be the ultimate weeb as I play this samurai game to completion when the day comes for its release. This is my favorite thing I saw at E3, and it was what I wanted to see the most going in as well. It met my expectations, and created a sense of awe. This is the game for me right here.


Well that hereby ends my E3 roundup! I’m sorry it was a bit late, I got a little carried away with the whole thing, and I’ve been balancing some other stuff in my free time, but I do hope it was at least semi-interesting to read, debate upon, or possibly inform yourself with. What are you big games from E3 this year? Tell me in the comments below!