For those who struggle with mental struggles yourself, I do think you should read this blog as it develops, and see if you can find anything to relate to. This is a safe place to read, discuss, and build a community for those who struggle with their very own mental illnesses.

The Sun Will Rise

Hello everyone, for my first post on this blog I want to just give a briefing about who I am, and what the goal of this blog is.

To start off, my name is Bridget. I’m 19 years old studying Political Science and Public Administration at a state university. I work 3 jobs to help pay for bills and school costs, I’m a waitress at a Thai restaurant, a server at a Winery and I work on a communications team at my university. When i’m not busy with school or work I play video games, watch anime, draw and act in our campus theater club. I’m a pretty normal college student essentially, however, I carry weight with me every day. I’m diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder. I’ve been taking anti-depressants since I was a sophomore in High School, and have been in individual, group, and trauma…

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