Hello World! Or shall I say Oro?!

My name is Doaks. Welcome to my anime blog. Well, my second anime blog. I have another one on Tumblr that I will link below. So, you may be asking yourself then, why have two blogs? One is meant for picture based enjoyment(gifs, picture sets, and lists with small amounts of writing.) and the other(that’s this one!) is for more interesting topics and more vastly explored content. I have a lot of ideas I want to tinker with while I’m here but before that, let me introduce myself.

As I said prior, my internet tag is Doaks. However, since we are all here to be friends you may also call me by my real name of Daniel if you so choose. I’ve been a long time anime fan for a large portion of my life. The early years were similar to many others. I got hooked on popular titles such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, and of course Dragon Ball Z. Honestly for my entirety of my childhood I knew nothing of their origins. I just enjoyed them for what they were. Then, back in around the summer of 2013 I decided to start watching anime as a more involved hobby rather than watching random shows once every few months. A few notable things kicked my journey off.  I decided to begin this new found delve with 3 shows. Madoka Magica, Attack on Titan, and Usagi Drop. A good variety I’d say. Ever since those 3 shows I have become increasingly part of the anime world and wanted to discuss my experiences with others who would bother to listen. Hence forth! A blog! The internet is a wonderful place to fuel one’s ideas in whatever format they prefer and that is what I hope to do here. Here are what the different places on the site will be as of now.

About: That is this post! Nothing else will really be here. This is the place for general info like it should be, so come here if you want to see updates as they roll in.

Thematic Reviews: These will be my full length anime reviews. I plan to look at the shows in my unique way though. Instead of tackling the usual breakdown of what comprises a series and deeming it well done or not, I want to look at a show’s themes. In reviews I will usually only write about one theme I found to be present and important, however, if multiple are in tandem expect some cross over. I think this will be a fun way to look at what makes up a show from a new perspective and more so help me explain why the show excelled at entertaining me.


Seasonal Travels: This is where I will give a regular update on how my seasonal adventures are going with the new airing shows and the series I manage to finish during that season as well. Now, I am not as crazy as some and tend to keep my number to 10 or less series at a time so don’t expect it to be comprehensive. It will just be my take on the shows and when all is said and done I will either recommend you to watch them or not.


Anime We ❤ : The idea is one many can get behind. We talk about anime people love in an interview styled post. I ask questions about things they enjoy in their favorite anime and they answer them. It is a simple way to get people interested in supporting why someone else loves anime specifically themselves. Will it work? No clue, but if it gets at least one person to better appreciate the difference in tastes we all have and get excited to ask more about a friend’s favorite anime then I will call it a win ^^ .


Month Of: Not as fancy as it sounds really. This is where I’m going to dedicate an entire month of posts to a series I love dearly in some way. It may be anime, it may be manga, but all that matters is I want to show so appreciation in a grand form.


Well that is all for now so until some other time here are some other things to know about me. I am terrible at using commas. Cats are better than people. I’m an avid gamer so that is also something I love talking about. I think that is all? ORO!!!

See ya around little wanderers!