ONE PIECE!!!!!! Ahh I always loved that little moment where they said it in the Opening. Hello, one and all to the month of One Piece. I will have a variety of things to share with you as I celebrate the 20th anniversary of the manga to One Piece. On July 22nd, 1997 it all began so leading up to and a bit after that day I will be making tons of posts. This is the schedule for the posts I will be making, and I will update it with hyperlinks as they get finished. So, buckle up and let us sail the mighty ocean together for an adventure on One Piece!

July 1st- Community Post(Will be updated everyday I receive content)

July 4th- Top Ten Hottest Male & Female One Piece Characters

July 8th- Top Ten Favorite Arcs in One Piece

July 13th- Top Ten Favorite Battles in One Piece

July 22nd- A One Piece Retrospective- A look back of my 7 Years with the Series

July 28th- An in-depth review on the One Piece Gold Thousand Sunny Model Kit

July 29th- Let’s Talk about Bink’s Sake

POSTPONED- Top 100 Favorite One Piece Characters